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Some important information you should know BEFORE contacting us...

Before you inquire about ANY animal here at the farm, READ THE SALES POLICY

The sales policy is applicable to ALL sides of Cherokee Flats and the farm. This includes but is not limited to: Morningstar Rattery, Cherokee Flats and/or Greenbean's Tater-Tot Hut. This means that the Sales Policy, in whole or part, is in effect for the entire farm. 

At no time is anyone allowed to just "show up" and expect to purchase any animals we have here. We do not always have stock available and therefore it would be a complete waste of time and even if we had stock, you MUST make arrangements ahead of time

If you show up to our property unannounced, you will be asked to leave and make arrangements to visit at a more desirable time OR find another place to purchase the animals you are looking for.

Please check our website (www.cherokeeflats.com) or our FB page (www.facebook.com/cherokeeflats) for more information.

Thank you again for your understanding.

~Brian & Crystal Smith 


Property Rules in Regards to the Legalization of Marijuana
and possession of Illegal Drugs and/or Paraphernalia.

Now that the legal aspect of it is done... on to the critters... If you are interested in the animals here, click the image below to be taken to that page.

We have several breeds of rabbits for show, pet and meat. From the popular pet breed, Mini Lop to the meat breed, New Zealand, we have a little of everything for everyone. Currently we raise: Mini Lop, American Fuzzy Lop, Jersey Wooly, Satin and New Zealand


We have several types of poultry available here. We are NOT a hatchery and only hatch what we need at the time. We offer a barnyard mix of Chickens, along with Ducks, Turkey, Geese and Quail. We offer eggs as available for eating or hatching and meat when we can.


Want to be added to our wait list or inquire about purchasing a rabbit or poultry??
Click the link -----> WAIT LIST <----- for details

Want to be added to our purchase list or inquire about purchasing rats or ASF feeders
Click the link -----> Purchase List <----- for details


If you are looking for a feeder for your ball python or any snake, we offer African Soft-Furred Rats/Mice. We also sell breeding groups. Currently we only offer LIVE feeders but are hoping to offer frozen in the near future.


If you are looking for a pet rat (or 2), we have what you need. We also offer our larger rats as feeders as well (LIVE only at this time). Check out Morningstar Rattery to see what we have!

Cherokee Flats accepts PayPal,
Morningstar Rattery accepts PayPal, CashApp, & Venmo
Greenbean's Tater-Tot Hut accepts PayPal

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